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Seven Fixed-Term Doctoral Student Positions in the doctoral programmes in Philosophy, History, Psychology and Logopaedics or Social Sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences

1 year ago
University of Tampere
Seven Fixed-Term Doctoral Student Positions in the doctoral programmes in Philosophy, History, Psychology and Logopaedics or Social Sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences
University of Tampere
The University of Tampere educates people who shape the future, understand the world and change it. The University emphasises the close connection of instruction and research and the social impact of its activities.
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Published: 1 year ago
Application deadline: Unspecified
Location: Tampere, Finland
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Seven Fixed-Term Doctoral Student Positions in the doctoral programmes in Philosophy, History, Psychology and Logopaedics or Social Sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences

The Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Tampere, Finland, is calling for applications for the posts of 7 DOCTORAL STUDENTS of the doctoral programmes in PhilosophyHistoryPsychology and Logopaedics or Social Sciences for a fixed term of 1–4 years. Not more than four of the successful candidates will start their work on 1 August 2017 at the earliest and the rest on 1 January 2018.


The successful candidates will be pursuing a doctoral degree in one of Faculty’s four doctoral programmes mentioned above. The expected duration of full-time studies is four years. The fixed-term employment contracts can be drawn up for a period of 1–4 years, and the length of the contract depends on how far along in their studies the successful candidates are, when they expect to graduate and whether they have received any previous funding for their doctoral studies. The students are expected to complete their doctoral degrees in four years. Only such candidates whose previous funding for the dissertation research has covered three years of full time study at the most are eligible to apply for these positions. The positions include a four-month trial period. 

In addition to writing their dissertations, the doctoral students teach or do other work related to their studies at the Faculty. These duties may not exceed five per cent of their total working hours.

The progress of the dissertation work is annually monitored with the help of a supervisory agreement and a personal study plan, which includes a detailed annual working schedule. These measures are aimed at ensuring that doctoral students can graduate in the target time of four years.

The basic salary initially falls within the salary group 2-4 (depending on the stage of the doctoral studies) of the Salary System of Finnish Universities for teaching and research staff. The basic salary is supplemented with a performance component based on the student's performance.

Qualification Requirements (Section 11 of the University of Tampere’s Regulations on Human Resources)

The applicants can either already be doctoral students in the doctoral programmes mentioned above or apply for admission as a doctoral student. If an applicant does not have a valid right to study in one of the doctoral programmes mentioned above, she/he must apply for admission at the same time as applying for the vacancy. The admission requirements to Faculty’s doctoral studies are available online.

The successful candidates will

  • have a Master’s degree.

  • be a doctoral student in one of the Faculty's four doctoral programmes mentioned above.

  • present a feasible research plan that is of a high standard. 

    It is also required that

  • if the applicant is already a doctoral student of the four doctoral programmes mentioned above, she/he must also present the supervisory agreement and personal study plan with the application.

  • if the applicant is not yet a doctoral student of the four doctoral programmes mentioned above, she/he must apply online for admission and submit separate application documents and the required enclosures to the Faculty as instructed in the admission requirements.

The successful candidates are selected based on the level of promise they show, which will be evaluated on the basis of their research plan, supervisory agreement, personal study plan (or preliminary study plan, if the applicant is applying for admission) and their previous success in studies.

A research plan is evaluated based on the following criteria: the clarity of the research questions, feasibility of implementation, risks involved in the implementation of the research plan and the command of the relevant literature and research methods. In addition, the novelty value and appropriateness of the research topic for the Faculty’s research profile will also be considered.


Please submit your application documents through the University's online application system by 3:45 pm Finnish time on 2 May 2017 at the latest, and submit the following enclosures with your application:

  • Your curriculum vitae, including the date you received notification of your right to study towards a doctoral degree or applied for admission at UTA. Please also provide the names and contact details of two people who can give you a reference. Written references are not be submitted with the online application.

  • A list of your publications.

  • A copy of your degree certificate(s) (Master’s degree and Licentiate’s degree if you have one).

  • Your supervisory agreement and personal study plan, if you are already a doctoral student in one of the four doctoral programmes mentioned above.

  • A filled-in copy of your preliminary study plan for doctoral studies, which is also attached to your application for the right to study in the doctoral programme in case you are not yet a doctoral student in any of the above mentioned doctoral programmes.

  • Your research plan, including the estimated schedule for completing your dissertation.

  • A detailed account of grants received for the dissertation research and previous employment at Finnish doctoral schools or corresponding institutions.

For instructions on writing the CV, the list of publications and the research plan, please visit the Faculty's website. Forms for the supervisory agreement and the personal study plan as well as for the preliminary study plan are also available online.

Appointing the successful candidates

Based on a recommendation by the Faculty’s appointment committee, the Dean appoints the successful candidates in the position of doctoral students. 

For more information about the positions, please contact

Dean Juha Teperi, tel. +358 (0) 40 513 3714,

For more information on the application process, please contact

Study Coordinator Sari Raudasoja, tel. +358 (0)50 318 6666,

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